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Meanwhile, Josh also sleeps with Heather and Mae, who both hook up with Phillip (who, you'll remember, lives with Tiffany.) Isn’t millennial love fun? I saw that coming even before she texted me at p.m., 11 minutes ahead of our arranged meeting at a coffee shop on Sydenham Street: “Hey I’m running a little late but I’m on my way!

” First, she’s driving in from Bensalem, and it’s almost rush hour.

The word “polyamory” was supposedly minted in the 1990s by a Wiccan priestess named Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, effectively guaranteeing it would remain an obscure term until someone not named Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart started using it.

But lately, the concept of fluidity in relationships has been inching its way into the zeitgeist — through TV shows like Married & Dating, through articles in the Atlantic and Rolling Stone, through the endorsements of celebrities like Maria Bello and Tilda Swinton.

She once broke up with a girlfriend of three years and started what would become an almost year-long relationship with someone else in the span of several hours.

Being polyamorous, she says, without a hint of irony, has helped her figure out how to get her needs met without losing herself in the process.

Tiffany doesn’t mince words in explaining what the problem was: “We were the youngest people in the room by, like, 30 years. So we were this novelty, and everyone just wanted to talk to us.” Phillip gets more specific: “It was these 50-year-old women who were like, ‘My husband got me into polyamory, and now I have a really fulfilling romantic life and he has one long-distance partner and I can’t get him out of the house.’” Tiffany and Phillip were looking for an active, engaged community, not a self-help circle.

So at a potluck dinner with about 20 poly friends, they floated the idea of starting a group for the younger poly crowd — a forum in which discussion topics wouldn’t include end-of-life arrangements or shriveling libidos.

Also, she has six boyfriends, give or take a few, which is already stretching the limits of temporality.

Then came the sexual revolution of the ’60s, and that contract was broken, making navel-gazing hedonists of us all.

Divorce rates shot up over the next two decades, and now we’re slowly starting to pick up the pieces.

Instead they would focus on issues relevant to them: how to manage packed Google calendars, how to navigate sticky situations at work, how to introduce significant others to their families. By January 2014, an invite-only Facebook group had been created, and Polydelphia was born. at a residential facility, where she helps take care of 36 adult patients with varying degrees of neediness.

That Tiffany can find time to oversee a social club defies reason. From there, she usually meets up with someone in her amoeboid circle of partners, or she’ll drive to Mayfair for band practice.

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