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You've submitted a chargeback shortly after making the payment.You said it was a "mistake" and if anything we went out of our way to let you correct it by waiting for over a month for you to either cancel the chargeback or make another payment.Also has a very nice flashchat program that is free now to with built a video module add in the to work very well together.osdate has built in bridges already so users of the dating site are automatically linked to the chat rooms and a forum.I have been using osdate for a couple years and joomla for a week osdate is great the one bad thing about it is they release updates before they should be really last update really messed things up for a minute.

I run Joomla as my main site and have just started working with Os Date and I think the two of them would work well together if I could get them to share data. The servers I have found myself up till now offer reasonable prices for basic services, but when I want the video chat and audio chat module included, the prices raise rapidly.· Are the video chat and audio chat modules included in the latest version of Osdate ( 2.5.4 if I am correct )· Who has experience with Osdate and can tell me if the security of the software is OK in reference to virusses and hackers.

So why would we give a discount we never advertise?

Furthermore, he tried threatened us with bad reviews in order to get a discount.

Next time at least take a minute to actually browse our site before posting another spam review. How sweet, as soon as we get our listing sponsored our competitors strike :) Do I even have to say that this is not our client?

Nice try but it take less than a minute to see that our documentation is not as skimpy as you say and our forum is full of happy clients.

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