Adam green and binki shapiro dating

Enlarge Image In the courtyard of her building, Binki wears a Eugenia Kim hat, Helmut Lang jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim top, vintage skirt from Wasteland in L. Fab listened to that on loop recently over and over and over... Makes me miss Brazil."What are the five key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?A., vintage black ankle boots, and a ring by Meghan Farrell. A member of beachy band Little Joy, Binki is a master of no short of a zillion different instruments, is a muse to both musicians (Beck) and designers (Phillip Lim), and started a charity which has raised over K to aid Haitians. "My new Isabel Marant tweed jacket, my wrap-around snake ring by Skova, my silver Cross-King ring by Meghan Farrell, my Margiela ankle boots, and my favorite soft and cozy T-shirts by Cavern!Getting ready for a night out: "'Pussycat' by Missy Elliot."A road trip: "'In the Morning' by Nina Simone."A rainy day at home: "'Who Loves the Sun' by The Velvet Underground."Fabrizio is such a stylish guy—do you ever steal clothes from him? When Fab and I first started dating I would loan him shirts when he would stay over...I think he thought they were gifts."Enlarge Image "In this shot I'm standing in front of one of my favorite vintage shops, Stock Vintage.I really just try to hole up and shut out any possible distractions, like my cell phone. People are always showing up to laze about or play around on the Playstation, and as nice as that can be, it can also be really tough when you're trying to stay focused and be your own disciplinarian, especially when you're quite easily sidetracked, as I most often am!

"You often wear Phillip Lim (and represent at his shows)—what about his design draws you in?I hadn't been involved with much charity work prior to this.I definitely got pretty overwhelmed at times, but the whole experience was immeasurably rewarding on a personal level.They're like that cool, creative family down the street that you want to run away from home and be a part of."Any Little Joy news we should know about?"We have a bunch of new songs as Little Joy and are just trying to wait till the three of us are free so we can roll up our sleeves again and get to work.

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