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5) 1892 Yale University (Connecticut) Delta Kappa Epsilon A blindfolded student was killed in an accident in an initiation incident condemned then as outdated “criminal recklessness” by the national fraternity, according to a published article by Fred Kershner (now deceased), formerly of Columbia Teachers College and a fraternity member.

6) 1894 Cornell University (New York) Bystander accidental death A non-Cornell bystander accidentally died during a class prank involving deliberate use of chlorine gas. Henrietta Jackson will be chronicled in an in-depth investigative feature in Hank Nuwer’s 2018 book “Hazing: Destroying Young Lives” (Indiana University Press).

Franklin Seminary (Kentucky) Class Hazing John Butler Groves died in a hazing incident, according to a family history.

2) 1847 Amherst College (Massachusetts) Class Hazing Jonathan D.

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Joy Martinka, center, participated in “Hammer Conversations” with her parents and her brothers Levi, left, and Aaron.

It is the hopes of staff and Hammer supporters that the sharing of videos — on the organization’s website and You Tube channel, and at public events throughout the community, will lead to both a greater understanding of the relationships and understanding that can be forged through simple conversations, and will lead to more partnerships and private giving, so that the organization’s mission-driven work can continue.“I think what’s important for me in the video conversations.

They also tend to be, I haven’t really found the right word and so I’ll use this word, they tend to be more ordinary,” said Hammer CEO John Estrem.

4) 1885 A Hazelton, Pennsylvania High School High School hazing Gauntlet Newspapers across the country reported hat Edward Turnbach died of injuries from a beating administered by fellow students on September 19.

What has changed is the fact that its a different process to get there,” Martinka said.

Joy’s video was filmed at her family’s home, and followed them eating dinner together and Ann and her husband discussing their decision to name their baby girl “Joy” and the uncertainty that initially accompanies raising a child with disabilities, concerns that Hammer has helped alleviate.“Being at Hammer, I’ve seen how they help adults and the respect that is given to these individuals, and that has really eased my mind a lot,” said Martinka.

“Much of what we do at Hammer is really very, ordinary, it’s not splashy. They have jobs, relationships, struggles and victories, like the rest of us.

What we do is we just try to provide the right level of support at the right time, and help them along in that pretty ordinary life.” "Much of what we do at Hammer is really very ordinary, and people with disabilities have ordinary lives.

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