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Brady w/ Huffy Debris Field - A more humorous demonstration of 'Cost -v- Quality'.After bending his derailleur straight again (sort of), we attempted to limp home with what gears he had available. Huffys Can't Hang - A practical demonstration of 'Cost -v- Quality' as it relates to bicycles.This is a popular time trial distance and is the same length as the Oregon and Washington time trial championships.Both are relatively flat on good roads and start near Island City, just outside of La Grande.Those interested in contributing should contact Bart Barlow.Adventures Biking in Baghdad Part V (With More Pictures) - The Army makes the world a small place, since no matter where you go, you are likely to see someone you know.- The Archery Range Trail System is the site for a mountain bike race, run, or walk festivity. Read the following for details: The Tom Goodall/Stan Wilde/John Manwell Ride, Run, Walk for Health When? La Grande advantage of using this feed is that new items on the LGR website will come straight to the subscriber.

The advantage of this course is a very consistent road surface with ample shoulder space.

On November 1, all motorized use of the area will be curtailed. Ongoing fundraising efforts are necessary to cover the lease, insurance costs, signage, and trail improvements.

Contributing organizations include the Blue Mountain Singletrack Trail Club, Grande Ronde Road Runners, and the Nordic Club.

Also, north or south wind conditions have a negligible effect on results.

The course does have a challenging hill just before Cove that gradually rises just over 200 ft. The Cove 40k is recommended for windy conditions and preparation for hillier time trial courses.

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