Ashley leggat and michael seater dating 2016

But when Casey gets caught, it’s up to the “Poxfather”/Derek to pull some strings and fix things for Casey.

When Casey (Ashley Leggat) humiliates herself by falling on top of her new classmates in the school hall, right in front of Derek’s best friend Sam (Kit Weyman) on whom she has a crush, Casey gets the embarrassing nick name: Klutzilla.

When Nora Mac Donald and George Venturi got married and merged their families they inadvertently started a comic war between their eldest children: Casey Mac Donald and Derek Venturi.

Life with Derek follows the two self-obsessed alpha teenagers in a fight for control of their house, their school, and their world.

Mayhem ensues as Casey (Ashley Leggat) and Derek (Michael Seater) volunteer to organise their aunt’s wedding reception and Casey’s nemesis - cousin Vicky (Sarah Gadon) shows up just in time to make things difficult.

Sequestered at home with the chicken pox, Derek (Michael Seater) is forced to ask Casey (Ashley Leggat) to help him with his ‘in school merchandising’ business selling the Derek line of products.

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