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Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and relocated to Memphis, Tennessee with his family when he was 13 years old. Elvis also popularized the four-man group of guitars, bass, and drums.His music career began there in 1954, when he recorded a song with producer Sam Phillips at Sun Records. RCA Victor acquired his contract in a deal arranged by Colonel Tom Parker, who managed the singer for more than two decades.The Presleys survived the F5 tornado in the 1936 Tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreak.In 1938, they lost their home after Vernon was found guilty of kiting a check written by the landowner, Orville S.Bean, the dairy farmer and cattle-and-hog broker for whom he then worked.

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After a series of successful network television appearances and chart-topping records, he was regarded as the leading figure of rock and roll.The contest, held at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show on October 3, 1945, was his first public performance.Ten-year-old Presley was dressed as a cowboy; he stood on a chair to reach the microphone and sang "Old Shep". Over the following year, he received basic guitar lessons from two of his uncles and the new pastor at the family's church.Slim supplemented Presley's guitar tuition by demonstrating chord techniques.In November 1948, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Humes High School, Presley received only a C in music in eighth grade.

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