C date dating

Why they even offer the 3 month deal without the 14 day promotion is beyond me.

Maybe they’re hoping to get some sales from people’s cats with access to their owners credit cards or the completely illiterate.

I don’t really know any other way of saying this more concisely, but if there’s any piece of advice that I can convey to you in this review, it would be: Stay away from this site! They come across as a legit dating site which is designed to facilitate meetings with other singles interested in casual dating and in reality it is anything but that.

It is a big empty site that makes it really difficult to meet other members, if they even really exist, and then when you’ve finally figured out that you’ve just wasted a ton of money and time on this site for nothing, they make it so difficult to quit that you’re almost better off closing your bank accounts and declaring bankruptcy in order to get rid of them. So upon first entering C-Date, you see this delightful splash page which shows this sexy couple getting a little randy, naturally something you’re probably interested in which is why you’re here. Like you’d expect , they ask you some basic vital-statistics about yourself and what type of partner you’re looking for, your standard dating site questions.

The most concise thing that I can say about C-Date is that it was a phenomenal waste of time and money.

They make the cancellation process sound really easy in their FAQ, just go to Profile, Settings, and click on Delete. Well what actually happens is that then they email you an 8 to 10 digit code and a form that you have to fill out and then fax (! How, in the year 2013, when all other aspects of commerce can be done entirely online, not to mention every aspect of this site, do you need to send a fax (an international fax in my case as well) in order to do something so seemingly simple as canceling an account.

So I deal with the convoluted cancelation process, and still I have to call and email numerous times just to finally make sure that my account has been cancelled.

It does advertise a good review from Leading Dating uk which as far as I can tell might be a scam as well. One unique aspect of the setup is they just give you a bunch of ambiguous pictures to choose from when it comes to listing your date preferences. I’d like my date to have lips, but not bite them, and I’d her to pull off her panties, but from the side and not from the front, and she definitely cannot pull her panties off around her ankles. She can eat bananas, but not lollipops, and she daren’t have wet shoulders or hair falling in front of her face.

Also it boasts an outrageous tally of 20,000 new members each day, which after crunching a few numbers should be about 43.8 million members since the site’s inception in 2008, or approximately 70% of the population of the entire UK. I’m all for trying something different with this setup, but let’s face it, these pictures mean nothing and prove to be useless. I have an account with C-Date and I’m ready to meet some hot singles for casual sex! In spite of the fact that they advertise free sign-up, there’s literally nothing that you can do on this site until you purchase a membership, and they don’t come cheap!

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