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Elaborate hand-made costumes, god-heads and allegory: the stage is set for a collision between epic drama and bawdy ritual. The collaboration between KW and the Network, the ‚ONE NIGHT STAND‘ series, began in January 2014 with the goal of increasing the visibility of Berlin project spaces and initiatives.

Written, directed and narrated by Aoibheann Greenan. It aimed to lend the projects grounding in an institution, along with its discursive and performative conception of event programming, offering a platform of experimentation for one night.

A Time to Reflect and be Reflective October 8, 2016 It is raining today, water hurtling down from a darkened sky.

It is a time to reflect and be reflective, a time for a centennial eulogy that speaks to all of us this day…but what more can be said about this piper James that has not been said a thousand times before in so many finer words than mine?

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It is important to remember, important to think upon deeds not words, important to think upon a seemingly forgotten word – honour.

I came here six-and-a-half years ago from Los Angeles, where I had a close-knit group of friends, my family within driving distance to my condo and a job that had me interviewing celebrities on the red carpet.

At KW four performers will engage the audience in a pseudo-ritual involving live music, a giant godhead figure, elaborate hand-made costumes and props.

In sudden eruptions, the drama will unfold amidst the audience within four ‘zones’.

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