Cheap dating ideas nyc

On a clear night, go someplace quiet and spend some time just gazing at the stars.

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Together, you and your date will search for mysterious markings within the station’s constellation ceiling, times for “ghost” trains in the former arrivals room, and discover hidden art throughout this historic building. Check out the “Jump For Joy” installation for an extra and jump your way through a bouncy castle of breasts.

While this 'Tried and Tested' idea has always been there to help us out, it just doesn't seem to make it to the cut anymore.

For the more adventurous folks, the millennials, who are looking for something different (and more exciting), it's time to step up your dating game!

And apparently, if that's not enough for you, you can even write your heart out on the empty books given by the place (under The Sketchbook Project).

Address: Williamsburg, 103 North 3rd St., New York, NY What else to see and do: Read the previously written works under The Sketchbook Project Image Source: No matter how amazing, the usual 'Wine and Dine' dates are bound to get you bored after a while.

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