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He gets to the podium and very early in his speech instead of delivering the text he's supposed to, blurts out: 'I love you Beth Cooper!' Beth Cooper happens to be the most spectacular girl in high school, at least from his point of view. My take on that novel was that it required more perspective on that situation than a YA reader was going to bring to it.It may be the first time they've ever seen heroin, so there's a kind of innocence there.It's the loss of that innocence that makes a young adult character so different."Teens shooting horse sounded like an exponential improvement over the kid lit of my childhood, and on the advice of basically everyone else in the world, I read the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.This raises the question: Is the crushing popularity of YA the result of a kind of induced phenomenon as described by literary critic Jack Zipes (i.e.

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Meanwhile in young adult literature, your young protagonist is often simultaneously introduced to and taken in by the drug.

Blame 1 Corinthians , or the lack of Y to my A, but it no more occurred to me as an adult to browse the YA aisle than to catch a Jonas Brothers concert.

The simple weirdness of men and women over the drinking age perusing the children's stacks before general fiction seemed cause for alarm and a fair argument for education reform. Barnes offers reassurance that adult interest in YA is not the result of a crisis in the collective level of literacy in the United States.

That you needed to be, maybe, in your mid-20s to get the irony and humor of it.

I recommended it to a colleague of mine on the adult side and it was published very, very well.

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