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But life was too busy, his desire too strong, his will too weak, and the gulf between them too great. Pat Robertson has much good advice for relationships. Walk away.” Worried that walking out on a girlfriend isn’t the Christian thing to do? Stay married to your husband who sexually abuses your kids. ” Then you will be rewarded in heaven equal to the martyrs, and God will have something to rub in the Devil’s face.

Like Mark, your husband depends on you to be his partner in his battle against sexual temptation.... You're the only woman in the world whom your husband can look at sexually without compromising his integrity! A Christian (duh) viewer of Pat Robertson's 700 Club asked the holy host if he should marry his Muslim girlfriend of three years. In her surprisingly not very forward-thinking book, “But if your husband has sexually molested the children, you should approach him with it.

They hadn’t dated for very long, but the chemistry between them was out of this world, she said.Real marriage is not simply based on crazy hot sex, no, it is based on so much more.It is rooted in the tiny little decisions made in the day to day.They just had to get married, because they were burning with passion.In fact, now that they were married- they were having crazy, hot sex like 5 times a day.

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