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;) The Reloaded version works in my case where I mounted the cohtov iso with Daemon Tools light, copied the crack and dll. install Co H-To V from the iso file, didn't run it after setup finished. If it doesn't shut down on another game then it won't be your graphics card. I know what im doing but for some reason Valor isnt working. So uninstalled everything and try again - still the same. EVERY TIME WHEN YOU WANT TO PLAY THE GAME YOU HAVE TO MOUNT THE IMAGE, OTHERWISE IT WILL ASK YOU FOR CD!! SYSTEM SPECS: QUAD CORE 2, 512D DR5,4 GB RAM, VISTA ULTIMATE 64 BIT.. Cheers pirates To people with the same problem as Saxondale and others. COH original (1):1111-2222-3333-3444-dbf3 COH Opposing Fronts (2 & 3): 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 And that's all. well i did everything so like the instruction here and all worked fine, thx :) but when i and my roommate wanted to play lan, we couldnt. When i have done the installation and move over all the crack and update, then i start the game and get to the start where it stand "Please indicate where you got your game from". BTW, I know this would be the wrong place to say it, but don't buy this game. It works fine for original COH, but with OF, it will want to verify COH: OF CD, and it will give you error that CD is not in drive. If you're looking for pure RTS action, you're better off downloading the other Co H games.

Then I used an old mds from Co H Opposing fronts, loaded it with Daemon Tools light and cloacked it with Yasu. dnt realize this was just an expansion pack, thought it was COH2, disapointed! original COH and COH: OF missions require a serial to get to unlock, how u get round this? But I have experianced an instant shut down on my old PC due to my graphics card overheating. So I've installed Co H and OF with no problems whatsoever and have been playing the game for months with no problems with validation. i got the exact same problem as saxondale..Spiers ... I tried just installing To V without Co H or OF and the validation worked. Try just do have your internet disconnected to play the game, download the Reloaded crack and it should work just fine but i think that To V is a dissapointment for real and is not worthy all the fuss but the 2 other games are fantastic Saxondale at 2009-04-21 CET: Hmmm.... Install the Tales Of Valour game as normal, and apply the included crack. Go here: H: Tales of Valor [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed Image And download the file archive. i made the host game and when we wanted to join it said different mod. The minute amount of new content they add and yet still call it an expansion is ridiculous. I didnt try MP as my firewall was blocking network access to this game in order for it the crack to work and I dont use Hamachi. thanks a lot :) it happened the fist time while i had all the other COH installed and all the other COHs are no gone, actualy there is no THQ folder in my program files folder.

look on fileshack, fileplanet, gamershell etc for the COHOF patch files..

I already tried that yasu 1.6 and daemon tools lite... I am re-installing to fresh folder to see if that makes any difference... select the Co H campaign, enter the serial, switch to desktop and mount NS-Coh_DC-poseden 7. Hamachi, mini image (no crack), and we can't see each others games. anyway here is the rest of it: Only problem is sometimes people don't see games in the multiplayer game list. People are saying that account-creation is only for those who wants to play online, but right now, it looks like the only way around it is to create an account. same problem as holmimon it always tells me that i got a wrong disk i copied over the crack and the file i never had any problem with dowloaded (i dont have company of heroes 1 and 2 installed) Eugh, anyone wanting to buy this game should stop right there. look like i can help out, if you want to pass the login screen, here is the step you need to do: 1. The serial number is included in the download, on a 'read me' file. Copy BOTH files,(I first tried copying the COH icon. When asked to, just click 'yes to all', and you will be able to load the game. (You MUST have a recent copy of deamon tools lite installed) Kudos to him for figuring that out. I downloaded the game, but when I'm installing it, it gets up to 2% and tells me an error occured (error # 10212) and exits. listen closely: 1: Download the torrent 2: use Dameon tools, cd key is 3333-4444-1111-2222-ce13 3: DON'T USE THE CRACK 4: go into the game, it will tell you to install a patch to play (there are some maps avaliable in the update) 5: install it 6: When finished installing, unplug your router so your internet dies 7: Go into coh 8: It will ask you to confirm your cd is in 9: play I have It And It Works :) but i actually do have normal coh so i have to use the real CD otherwise it says "Please Insert The Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor Disk" How can i use it without the disk?

You would have the same game if you start with 1.0 and patched to 2.5 and then added the cd-key for To V. COH original (1):1111-2222-3333-3444-dbf3 COH Opposing Fronts (2 & 3): 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 And that's all. "" I have been able to start the game and unlock the campaigns thanks to russxi's guide (I had to disable my internet connection for it to work, otherwise it offers me to create an account, which I don't think I should do! However, despite using a No-DVD (the latest uploaded here the game asks me for the Opposing Fronts DVD everytime I start it afterwards. so if its possible can u give me step by step instruction on how to install this game and also to play it cause all its giving me is "rld-cohe" files. So, if you add previous game cd-keys and you can unlock other games content in this game? help i copied all crack files and when i started it asked me for cd,steam,product validation i tried retail store but it say could not verify media. whe i started the game without the crack it ask me to log in but i dont have an coh account can somebody help me?

That's why it says "Only one copy of the installer", it refers to the uninstall-entry already added by Co H. Install the Tales Of Valour game as normal, and apply the included crack. Go here: H: Tales of Valor [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed Image And download the file archive. If u understand my position, it would be such a great kindness u would try to help me understand what im doing wrong... I got som troubles getting to the start menu, I've read some comments that was posted earlier but I still don't solve the problem, I finished the install, the game ran automaticly, cause I didnt were at the place when the installation finished, so I closed the game, copied and pasted the crack and ran it again, but it still wants some validations... or email me please [email protected] ill wait i only want to play this offline with skirmish and campaigns thats all but everytime i run it it always ask for valid cd but i already apply the crack and then its still says could not verify media help please "I'm getting DHT, Peer Exchange, and Local Peer Discovery as all NOT ALLOWED for this torrent (And only this torrent.

When ever I signed in he was kicked out and vice-versa.

So we went out to the shopping centre where we spent 3 hours looking to buy a new COH just for its product key. Long story short I somehow need to delete his product key from my computer. re-install or uinstall the game from your computer and use this one for youself: 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 =D Or one of these: 1111-2222-3333-3444-dbf3 3438-fdf3-fd15-7fa6-94b7 365c-fb48-f160-f553-dddc 1111-2222-3333-4444-dbf3 3752-f730-f131-2302-e27?

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