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I hope I can find a cheap trumpet at a pawn shop or may go out of town where I live and check around there.

300 is a little steep for me right now, it sounds more like an investment. I guess I will have to keep looking for places to rent instruments. Below are a few student model trumpets currently on ebay in the 0 to 0 price range.

Also if they are used for solos, slow sad songs, fast loud songs etc. personally, i would recommend buying a used bach or yamaha trumpet.

You can typically find these in your local music store in your price range. I don't play trumpet, but I have heard of Cecilio flutes and piccolos. Just remember, usually buying a nice instrument used is better than buying a cheapo instrument new.

We have given this worn the full-service treatment here at the shop including our precision valve alignment or PVA It has somewhere on the horn obviously lacquer wear where as you can see in the pictures (please be sure to view all the pictures for much more detail and depth) Otherwise the horn is in really good shape considering it's age. Here's what the fantastic Conn Loyalist says about the Voca Bell trumpets: Date: 1941. Notice the (rimless) vocabell and the octagonal valve casing. What Conn said in 1950: The famous Vocabell, whose new principles of tone production are described [here], is available on the 44H Connqueror trombone and the 48B Connqueror trumpet. These quieter, long wearing valves are patented and exclusive on Conn.

In case you are wondering: the valves themselves are round, not octagonal. Both of these models are tremendously popular because of the great power available with so little effort and because of the richly brilliant tone.

It is often possible to buy a decent used horn on ebay if you know what you are looking for.

I agree that used brand name horns (Bach, Yamaha) are usually a better value than a new horn in your price range.

On the second page there are a few other brands like roy benson and del sol. If someone could point out on the two pages I post what good brand is, please do so it would be greatly appreciated.I am looking for cheap, because if for some reason I change my mind and quite playing for some reason I will not have wasted too much money, if I pass the return policy date.I also found out that there are different trumpets like Bb, C, F, Eb, can someone explain this to me, the types of music that each of these trumpets are used for, like jazz, classical etc.There is no law saying that "a trumpet player MUST only play marches".Think about it, flutes and bassoons are used in jazz and pop music commonly, even though those instruments weren't made to play that genre of music.

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