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Geo Studio 2018 will install side-by-side with any other Geo Studio versions you already have installed.

The major new features include: Improved multi-physics capabilities • A new rigorous finite element solver used by SEEP/W, TEMP/W, AIR/W and CTRAN/W features new multi-physics capabilities and faster solve times.

• Default display units can be selected for individual or groups of parameters.

• When a value with units is entered for a parameter into any edit control, the number is converted to the selected units for the parameter.

• In TEMP/W, the Surface Energy Balance boundary condition simulates energy exchange over the ground surface.

• Boundary conditions can be used together to simulate coupled hydraulic and thermal responses of the ground profile to atmospheric conditions.

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This allows for easy selection of data files containing field measurements (e.g., from weather stations), including column selection and unit conversion.

New Plan View definition • Plan view now supports a variable aquifer thickness using spatial functions, allowing for new types of plan view problems to be analyzed.

Comprehensive unit conversion and support • Geo Studio now offers considerable flexibility for selecting units for input and display.

• version 8.16.3 - June 6, 2017 - minor update to fix a few specific issues.

Please note that this release requires the latest network license server (geoslope-lmadmin version 9.0.0 or later), and that it drops support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. • version 8.16.4 - July 25, 2017 - These additional changes were made in version 8.16.4.

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