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A small town bar on the weekend , country fairs and for sure the local rodeos would be a good place to check. Wow, you guys have a lot of stereotypes/mis-conceptions about country people.

Seriously, if you want to find a country boy all you have to do is be in the country.

Anywhere where trucks (not baby trucks with six foot boxes) are auctioned - or tools, lumber, machinery etc.

Sounds like you are looking for someone whose hands may be dirty but his heart and mind are pure. Sorry for treating you like a daughter - hazards of being a Papa. Dated farmers all my life having grown up in a rural area and surrounded by relatives who farmed: Lots are working on and off the land, due to commodity/cattle prices, so they are married to the farm and to the bank; Lots are paying off ex-wives who got tired of the country way of life, and constant ups and downs of farming; Best hint I can think of is if you are in a small community, be there for rainy days...that's when the farmers are out and about absolutely everywhere! Hang out around rural communities...there are still some very hot single guys out there who would love to meet a lady who loves a rural lifestyle. PS Go for drives in the country and pretend to get lost (just kidding, but you never know).

About 5% don't drink, smoke, dance or screw in the south and southeast About 10% are still in the Remand Centre ....these are the ones still left there after the so-called "NO TOLERANCE" policy ..apparently never did exist! Now have ya ever tried workin' your arm into a cows vagina and keep a stetson on your head? Ranchers wear em to town or some of the old ones will wear the straw ones around but then they got hired help to do the dirt work.

The debacle actually started in 2007, when the Cowboys organization had a winning bid of 5,000 on the domain name but didn't pay up due to an internal miscommunication.

Cleveland is the President of City Advertising and part of the owners' group. However, we will also serve the needs of straight daters as well."Well, diversity is a good thing. Sports Fantasy Minute:" data-reactid="38"Other popular content on the Yahoo!

network: • Dan Wetzel: Bill Belichick facing problem much bigger than fallout of grabbing ref's arm • Nicholas J.

The Dallas Cowboys can still be found at Dallas, of course, but you'd assume that the team would have liked to own the shorter and seemingly more obvious domain name as well.

However, those pesky extra digits befuddled them, a then-silent bidder swept in and took the name for a larger bid, and a whole lot of people looking for news and notes on America's Team will instead get a dating site for "men who enjoy the same country living lifestyle." Are you a country western cowboy looking for a man to ride into the sunset with?

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