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Mack is perhaps best known for playing Clark Kent's friend Chloe Sullivan on the long-running TV series Smallville (still from the show, center).

Five teenagers accused of killing father-of-four Kenneth White (left with his fiance) hurling a rock through his car windscreen, had been throwing items off the same underpass for days before the fatal crash.

Frank Parlato, a former spokesman for NXIVM, revealed on his blog that Mack has been running a secret sorority within the cult that brands women (inset, ex members' brands).

The sorority, called DOS, has a master-slave hierarchy where Mack is only second to Raniere in terms of seniority, the blog states.

Some feature critters that have fur which perfectly matches their surroundings (top right, bottom left, and bottom centre).

Others show people whose outfits spookily blend into the background (top left, top centre, bottom right).

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