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“He swore he would tell Frank the truth about the past.

Which he did.” When it came to him swearing on his and Chelsea’s marriage, Chelsea Gheesling hinted at some possible white lies, “This is a game and I’m cool with you doing whatever it takes to win.” Watch “Big Brother” on CBS 62 in Detroit.

“Number one, I watch the live feeds which are 24/7 surveillance on the house.

So I get that it’s a reality show and our contract said you can be in whatever light we would like to edit you in,” said Chelsea Gheesling.

The wedding took place July 2 at the Shrine Chapel at St.

When it came to swearing on the Bible, Dan Gheesling hasn’t bent the truth.

"A few people had to know, and I didn't want anyone to leak it out to her.

I had to get the head coach's permission and he said 'Of course, go do it.' " The coach's approval was one hurdle, but there was another -- Gheesling had to ensure that Niemiec would be on the field. It was just really special for both of our families." Those with close ties to the school and the football program are what made the engagement possible.

Dan memorably proposed to Chelsea with a 2-carat diamond ring on the football field during halftime of a game last October.

The entire wedding party, including Memphis, was photographed on the same field after the ceremony.

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