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Such men tend to have significant amounts of money, great incomes and very good salary, and be experienced in the appropriate behavior for marriage.

In Serbia, a Serbian woman or girl can register on a website dating couples, and this can help them find the Western man of her dreams.

Western wages, however, are much higher in relation to expenditure, so that’s a reason that if Serbian women marry a Western man.

She can expect to have more spending power in herself, and therefore a better quality of life or be free to stay home and raise children.

Another interesting feature of Serbian culture is their use of pronouns.

Firthermore, government controls the media totally. I noticed that the government is testing the water to see how the people will react to delivering General Ratko Mladic to The Hague tribunal.

More information about the Serbian girls : When asked why Serbian girls are looking for a Western husband, they could tell the same reasons that people everywhere do: Serbian girls want love, comfort and safety.

In some cases the Serbian girls may feel that things are more easily found overseas.

For a married woman in Serbia, to have a choice, many times is rare and unlikely.

A Serbian medical Doctor earns a salary of one hundred dollars per month, which is the same cost as an Internet account in Serbia.

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