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"I put a Cajun In Your Pocket on Pride's desk," Cohn said. I don't think it'll ever appear on camera, but I reached out to Steve Winn, the guy who created it, and said, 'Hey, is it OK to use this? "We do that for the actors, and we do that for each other," Cohn said.

"You've got to make them feel it even if it doesn't end up on camera, and you can't be too heavy-handed. You might feel it, but you shouldn't notice it." A native of the Midwest who lived and worked in New Orleans during the 1990s, Cohn moved away in 2001 but returned post-Katrina.

Sugar Busters and Ralph Brennan cookbooks are among the bookshelf selections.

Two backup bottles of Crystal Hot Sauce are poised for deployment in the small storeroom near the water heater.

He and Paul "kicked around a couple of ideas which led us to composing a list of questions" for Gary Glasberg, the executive producer of both "NCIS" and "NCIS: New Orleans," and the new show's writing staff. It's still a police unit with some sense of military bearing.

"We're not trying to be built-in and super-slick," Paul said. ' The reason there's a Hogs for the Cause poster in the kitchen is because that we collectively decided that, yeah, that would be something he'd be into.A gated carriageway threshold on the downriver side of St.Ann Street between Bourbon and Royal is the portal through which more than 16 million viewers enter the world of "NCIS: New Orleans" each week.That was a note from the adults in charge." Several Carnival references did make their way onto kitchen set.The NCIS kitchen walls feature artwork by Jimmy Descant (an assemblage sculpture framed by Louisiana's state profile, it's Cohn's favorite piece on the set), Jane Brewster (a watercolor of a brass band at Jazz Fest above the door leading to the office) and William Smith Jr.

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