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Satan's attack on the body of Christ (Persecution of the Church) 5. Phase I: Constitution: Lays the foundation for the eternal victory (the "much" phase). But God offered a last olive branch in the person of Adam (see Part 3 of this series). Days 5 and 6: the two millennial days of the Church d The Break-points of the Three Pairs of Days e. Satan's attack on the line of the Messiah (Anti-Semitism) 4. Things to Come: Judgment, Restoration and Replacement Phases II and III 1. And, most astoundingly, He created a new type of creature, morally accountable as were the angels, but lower than they in terms of power and knowledge, a creature whose very purpose would be to demonstrate the character and glory of God while replacing those who had disparaged it (see Part 3 of this series). : Because of their possession of a life-span and range of knowledge beyond human comprehension, the decision of each individual angel as to whether to side with Satan or with God in the rebellion at issue was, for all intents and purposes, an irrevocable one (see Part 2 of this series). And He Himself is before everything, and everything subsists in Him.: As Christ is the central person of human history, so the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ is history's central event.

By returning to God, saved human kind would in this way regain more than had originally been lost. The Church: from Christ's first advent to His Second Advent e. With the exception of those who die as children (or remain children mentally), God leads all human beings to this point (Rom.-23; cf. Response leads to faith in the Son of God (as foreshadowed and promised before the cross; in the flesh with the promise realized after the cross), while rejection leaves no hope of deliverance from the inevitable. The critical point in any given person's life arrives when he or she becomes aware of the existence of God. Instead of blistering judgment, in His matchless grace He offers mercy to all who will but receive it of Him in the person of Jesus Christ. For in the person of Christ, true humanity has been inseparably and irrevocably united with undiminished deity, so that there can be no further doubt about His commitment to all His creatures who have chosen for Him: Such is the blinding and ineffable glory of God.

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