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Several variations of the Model 1100, in 12, 20, and 28 gauges, and .410 bore are still in production as of 2016. A 50th Anniversary highly decorated version was introduced in 2013.The Remington Model 1100 ushered in the era of successful and reliable gas-actuated autoloading shotguns, and, as of 1983, it was the best selling autoloading shotgun in U. A "plain jane" version, named the Remington Sportsman 12 Auto, was sold in stores like Target, K-Mart, and Wal Mart in the mid 1980s, along with a Sportsman 12 Pump, which was a "plain jane" Remington 870.Through the years there have been numerous limited editions and Commemorative models, such as the Ducks Unlimited guns.

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It was the first autoloader to combine the repeat-shot versatility of early-century models with the sleek, modern lines and handling qualities of revered double barrels.

The 1100 is a popular gun used in trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays; and special versions with high ribs and Monte Carlo stocks are available.

The Competition Synthetic model with an adjustable carbon fibre stock set was introduced in 2012 and has been received quite favorably.

With modifications to the trigger group to regulate feed and firing, the design is basically a gas powered Model 870.

The design team spent many hundreds of hours test firing and getting input from shooters on the design before it was released for production.

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