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The vast majority of on-demand dating services cater solely to men seeking women.

Valdez says his clients skew 20 percent female with only one gay male and one lesbian client in his history running Vi DA and its millennial spinoff.

If I'd been a paying customer, Ally and her matchmaking minions would then get to work, swiping right, sending canned responses that apparently "work like crack to get women addicted to messaging you," and setting up dates.

Valdez says the ultimate goal is to get his clients off the service and into committed relationships; a process that he estimates takes about 12 dates in total.

After a phone call that covers your likes, dislikes and dating pain-points, your Swagoo Girl -- experienced but not slutty, according to Moniz -- will select photos and create a bio that plays to a woman's true desires (as determined by a market-research survey).

She'll then enlist an app like Bonfire that swipes right on any and all profiles, maximizing your potential matches; help you turn those matches into dates; and offer advice on where to go and what to wear."I wanted to start a service where I would Face Time with the guy, look in their closet and if I saw nothing, I'd send a Task Rabbit to go to Nordstrom to pick up an outfit to wear on their dates," Moniz says.

Which, given the tenor of the service's marketing copy, stands to reason.

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"Men never care about that."Being a gay man who cares more for brains than bodies, I am, admittedly, not the typical Tinder Done For You client. One week after our conversation, I received a handful of custom-made personas, catering to both straight women and gay men and optimized for both Ok Cupid and Tinder.

I pour myself a glass of three-day-old white wine and wait for my wing woman to call. Over the course of our near-two-hour phone call she will grill me on everything from my favorite dishes to dating deal-breakers, from the time I was held at gunpoint in Mexico to my affinity for gin martinis.

She lives in Temecula, California, somewhere between Los Angeles and the hyper-conservative, bleach-blonde beaches of San Diego.

This is the first time I've spoken with Ally and, aside from the small thumbnail in her Gmail account, I have little concept of who she is or what she looks like.

By the time we hang up, though, she'll know more about me than many of my friends, family and co-workers do.

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    Dating isn't something that you cannot partake in, you can make those connections that you want to and there are people out there who want to connect with you.

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