Dating recent lava flows

It is possible to indicate that during the 2007, an average of 4.2 VT earthquakes per day was had.

Also in this time interval 6 events of long period (LP) per day were registered when the average in the 2008 was of 0.3.

A swarm of 24 LP events were detected during 0408-0424 on 18 September.The Geophysical Institute in its preprecautionary eagerness of the security of the people maintains a monitoring permanent of the state of this and other volcanos of the country and will inform opportunely into any change that these can present/display.The activity of the volcano shows a slight increase in its seismic activity with respect to the previous months.The 16th of February the guardian of the refuge of the volcano perceived an increase in the scent to sulphur in the high part of the crater.Guagua Pichincha rises immediately W of Quito, Ecuador's capital city.

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