Dating sites for animals

Many of the sites encourage users to bring their dogs on first dates to break the ice or size up canine chemistry.Many dating sites cater to religious, cultural and political preferences, but won’t focus as heavily on interests like pets, music or travel, said Karen North, a professor of social media at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism.From pooches to alpacas, the All Paws database is accessible online or through its highly rated i Phone app.It’s a Saturday, and you’re heading out to run some errands. For one, you’re probably not going to take home a new friend right on the spot since you’re out to check items off your to-do list, not add to it.Forget about the long list of messages women claim they’re getting. If you can’t stand animals, you’ve narrowed your dating possibilities considerably.And you sure as hell won’t be invited to “mixers” or “leash parties.”I’ll leave you with a joke that illustrates how important a dog (or any pet) is in someone’s life: Two dogs are brought into the pound.LOS ANGELES — On these dating sites, a passion for pets will help you find more than just puppy love.Sites like Pets and You Must Love Dogs have found a new niche as singles flock to computers and smartphones to find relationships, connecting dog owners to potential mates who enjoy long walks in the dog park and slobbery canine kisses as much as they do.

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“To squeeze doggie behavior under the first date microscope and to analyze every little wag, nip or bark as further commentary on compatibility is just another way to uncover the fatal flaw of an otherwise potential romance,” added Mc Dermott, who now works for One Good, a gay, lesbian and bisexual matchmaking service.

” is telling because it strikes at the very heart of dating these days. That profile shot of a woman snuggling her Boston Terrier? And if you’re saying “Hey, I’m cuter than a dog”—guess what? The mixers include local food trucks and appearances by professional pet trainers.

Who wouldn’t sleep with someone — or — that looks at you with that kind of appreciation on a daily basis? Partners — or prospective partners — on the other hand, can’t claim the same thing. We all worry about the “thrill disappearing.” Pets only worry about the food disappearing. How cute can we be in our profiles compared to a dog or a cat? We don’t have big, sad eyes (well, some of us do, but it’s usually alcoholism). The people — those with affection coming out their yin yangs — are more likely to be on sites like Pet People or You Must Love Dogs

“Imagine trying to break up with that guy.”Animals aren’t without their protective qualities. The woman who says “My dog only attacks assholes,” may end up alone because her dog’s idea of an asshole may include the entire midwest or eastern seaboard.

In any event, it’s good to know where your competition is these days. All the surveys done show that 4 out of 5 people on dating sites are pet lovers.

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