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"And don't be put off by memories of school trips from years past.

Facilities have been upgraded and the new museum is excellent.

Among the wealth of fossils unearthed from The Cradle are some of the most important finds ever made, including Raymond Dart's famous Taung child (the first species of Australopithecine-Australopithecus africanus-ever found and, in fact, the first significant hominin fossil to be found in all of Africa), and Robert Broom's outstanding Mrs. The annals of paleoanthropology duly record the scientific community's initial skepticism of the Australopithecus skull found by Dart.

In a time when the smart money centered on an Asian origin of humanity and the scientific world was still in the grip of the infamous Piltdown hoax, Dart was heavily criticized by his peers.

I have visited Sterkfontein several times and it never gets old." Journal of Speleon History Jan/Feb 2009 Among the most famous archaeological sites in the world are the many fossil-bearing dolomite caves of South Africa.

The region known as The Cradle of Humankind contains a number of sites that are particularly rich in high-quality hominin-fossil remains (i.e., the remains of our distant ancestors), with finds dating to as much as 3.5 million years ago. Many other luminaries in the field of paleoanthropology have labored in the rich fossil beds of The Cradle and the area is still an active site of excavation.

The Cradle of Humankind is a well-written and interesting book, easily read by the general reader. ), the Taung child, Little Foot and a host of fossil extras and where they hung out - the caves of Sterkfontein, Kromdraai and Swartkranz, then digging 'em all up - Raymond Dart, Robert Broom, Ron Clarke, Lee Burger.

More than 80 full-color photographs highlight the beauty and diversity of the region, its people, and its wildlife. History of the area and the people, the fauna and flora. Listings for travellers of places to go, things to see, and accommodation.

Emerson, The Battle for Mozambique: The Frelimo-Renamo Struggle, 1977-1992, 30 Degrees South Publishers, Pinetown, South Africa, 2013.The site itself consists of a large number of caves, the most important of which are Sterkfontein, Swartkrans, and Kromdraai.Like a number of other archaeo-logically important cave sites-such as Britain's Creswell Crags with its Ice-Age petroglyphs and a variety of painted caves in France and Spain (including several manmade replicas)- many of the numerous caves in The Cradle are open to the public.1 While some can be visited on regularly scheduled guided tours, others require prior arrangements through one of the specially licensed tour-group operators in the area.For readers who aren't actually planning a South African vacation in the near future, but who are still quite interested in human prehistory, Fleminger also provides a wealth of detailed information about the area's caves and the historical significance of local fossil finds to our understanding of human origins.A detailed discussion of human evolution places these finds into appropriate context for general-interest readers not already versed in the subject.

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