Demeco ryans dating

Demeco Ryans is the prototypical NFL tackling machine and with his high football IQ is a coach's dream to coach.

So, if you throw in Cushing being set back after his four-game suspension to start this season along with losing Demeco Ryans shortly after Cushing's return to his starting role at OLB, an already struggling Texans defense was set back even further.

Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak killed the Texans' 2010 season when they drafted so poorly and followed the draft up with a non-impactful free agent signing period.

Brian Cushing in a season-and-a-half has shown that he just may be a guy that will start seasons off slowly before he rounds into pro-bowl form.

Ridiculous as that is to go there after we lost Demeco, it really was no surprise to me to hear that from many of the locals because that's pretty much "atypical" of their uninformed analysis we've come to expect.

Was Demeco Ryans playing bad football this season before he was hurt?

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