Drag queen dating drag queen

So please tip them as generously as you can afford.However, under no circumstances should you tip in coins or throw coins up on stage.On very rare occasions you will become part of the number. Having an opinion doesn't give you the right to share it with everyone at the show or via the internet. Always do what a drag queen says, don't argue This one is pretty simple.A drag queen always gets their way sooner or later so you may as well just give in and forgo the argument.Being on the mic is part of what drag queens do and the large majority of them are extremely talented at it. Don't text during a drag show If you are attending a drag show you should be there to watch the show not text your friends or play on your phone.If you choose to do this, especially if you are sitting in the front row, be prepared for a drag queen to stop the show or, even worse, make you part of their number.BONUS: The song can make or break a drag queen's performance Any one that has seen a drag show or knows that a drag queen's performance is centered on lip-synching to a song.What they probably don't know is that song can make or break the performance.

Drag queens will always have the last word I have seen it at numerous drag shows.It was a blatant example of why most people won't even start talking to someone without a picture. " Eileen Dover, a Boston-area drag queen artist asks gay men an interesting question: Would you date a drag queen? I didn't say it wasn't a good story.was quite hilarious....kudos! I don't like hurting peoples feeling when i meet them.I'd have left with OUT the lecture, he didn't need anyone to tell him what he'd done wrong.

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