Farm and ranch dating should age matter when dating

We know it's rewarding, but if we are being honest, it's hard. When you live a life where your livelihood depends on your care and your time, it means the days don't start at 8 and they certainly don't end at 5.But that is the reality of being a farmer and it can be lonely.He is such a good man and hard worker treats me like a queen and my kids as his own..we hardly ever see each other. Your posts are good reminders to love the ones you love through it all...bumper crops, drought, flood. My husband respects me and always brags to everyone my part in our farm. I'm from Greenwood which is close to Indianapolis. My parents though always had us exploring outside so I love nature and animals.We dont live together so it makes it even harder to see each other. When I moved to the farm I was thinking what am I doing?Just spending time together can make a big difference.It also helps as your kids get older, if you have them, because they can help out, too!It's never easy to be a farmer, but being married to a farmer or being two farmers who are married to one another can be a challenge, to say the least. When you marry a farmer, your expectations have to be realistic about what life is like on the farm.

Take lots of pictures so your husband can catch up! Just remember, it's just as hard for him to be away from you, too. Also during planting and harvest I've learned to utilize that time with me-time, girlfriends I need to make time for, and family I don't see enough.Embrace the farm life; allow your husband the time and freedom to do what HAS to be done.Nobody has an easy life, but the benefits are worth it.We have all kinds of ladies who read this site and there is no blanket of information to help everyone. I grew up on a farm and work in the office of a farm. I am making the transition to move in a few weeks.. I have been a farmer my entire life, raised on one and have been married to one for 38 years. We moved to a tiny town in MT a year and a half ago. I am 23, I grew up on a farm and am marrying a farmer this Fall (hopefully harvest is finished by our wedding date--if not, our first few days as a married couple will be spent snuggled together in the combine ;) ) My fiance and his family take Sundays off and it is a huge blessing! It is a good reminder that he is not choosing the farm over me, he is working hard FOR me! My husband is very proud of me and our farming business. My boyfriend recently bought a farm ( house , 4 acres , 2 barns) in the middle of nowhere Indiana.We are empowering all women by acknowledging the difference. Ive been with a Farmer nearly two years now and I was at the point of giving up untill i read this!! All he's worried about is if I can deal farm life as he calls it. Not going to say it as always been easy but, rewarding. My husband works on a ranch and I have to work in town when I'd rather be on the ranch with him. I need to remember that he's working all those long hours for us and not choosing the ranch over me! I came from never mowing the grass to being able to drive every piece of equipment... But I ride shotgun almost everyday first thing in the mornings so we can talk our game plan for the day. He asked me to move in with him & I wasn't sure.

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