Fiji couple xxx

The cultural show on Wednesday and Saturday nights (FJD meal show), is definitely worth watching.Not only for the mesmerising island dancing but more for the exciting fast-paced fire dancing, which is quite spectacular!An expensive grocery store is open on the island from -hrs but if you’re prepared to pay around AUD for a 200g packet of chips (crisps), then go for it.Sadly, my budget doesn’t allow for this type of extravagance.

This managed to end up in meeting other yachties with an invitation for Sundowners later at the bar – who needs an excuse?

of which you cannot understand of course, you’re free to anchor at the island and walk where ever you wish.

These days, you need to bring at least Waka worth USD a bottle.

After sailing on a boat, island walks to stretch your legs is a must here.

So take a walk around this small island (it’s not too far) or for a good workout, try the hills.

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