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The latest figures are not broken down by country, but data for 2015 showed Poland was the most common nation of birth for mothers born outside the UK, followed by Pakistan and India.The new release from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) also revealed that nearly half of babies (47.6 per cent) were born outside marriage or civil partnerships last year, a slight dip on 2015.Retention of an old registration Number is entirely at the discretion of the DVLA.Italian manufactured Vespas have a Number with a prefix beginning with the letter ‘V’ for both engine and chassis numbers.Please note that numbers prefixed with IGM, GM or OM are not frame numbers but may be included with your submitted information as an additional means of identifying the machine. If we cannot adequately identify a Vespa your fee will be returned.If you have any documentation including a foreign registration number, this should be included with your application. Please be aware that some imported Vespas are not necessarily the model they are badged as.If you do not wish to send original documents to DVLA , send a photocopy AND the original to me and I can stamp and sign the copies as authenticated copies. This MAY be available from Local Council Archives or Private Collections.

You’ll also notice that they are nearly all from the US.

Not a bad return on the face value of the actual coin!

Price: £4.78 million (approximately .59 million USD) Often considered as the world’s most valuable coin the Double Eagle gold coin comes a close second in the valuation stakes.

Minted in the medieval times and circulated around 1343 this double florin gold coin is one of only three thought to be in existence. The coins was purchased back in 2001 as part of a collection sold by the King of Siam.

Price: £2.5 million (approximately million USD) The good old Canadians come in at number 5 in the valuable coin list with a humungous 100kg gold coin!!

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