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Many live in fear, he said, and have to "endure violence from their families".

Australia's first — and only — openly gay imam, Melbourne's Nur Warsame, received death threats after coming out and establishing an LGBT friendly mosque.

In a press release, Muslims for Marriage Equality spokesman Fahad Ali, former peer educator with the AIDS council of NSW, stated: "There is a diversity in belief and opinion on equal marriage within the Muslim community …

there is a strong thread of egalitarianism and social justice within the Koran and we think that it is very applicable to the question of same-sex marriage."In recognition that many LGBT Muslims — or supporters — may be living with family members who do not support their views, Muslims for Marriage Equality is offering to provide temporary postal addresses for those who cannot have their ballot paper sent to their home addresses.

To be clear, Trump’s executive order doesn’t even scratch the surface of banning Muslims.

That’s a fiction peddled by social justice warriors intent on exploiting the public’s fears about fascism to galvanize support for their pet causes and “non-profits.” Eager to make strange bedfellows with naïve and uber-tolerant progressives, Muslim community leaders and Islamic “advocacy” organizations, including Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR, have all but turned victimhood into an art form.

As Mr Jaspal wrote for The Conversation: "Most Islamic scholars are in agreement that homosexuality is incompatible with Islamic theology.

"They tend to draw on the story of Lot in the Koran [also in the Old Testament] which recounts the destruction of the tribe of Lot allegedly due to their engagement in homosexual acts as 'evidence' for God's condemnation of homosexuality."Many scholars also cite the Ahadith [statements attributed to the Prophet Muhammed] that are condemnatory of homosexuality."But not everyone agrees with these scholars.

The so-called temporary “ban,” issued via presidential executive order, was designed to assess the national security treat posed by ISIS militants infiltrating refugee populations.

But now one Muslim leader has offered an explanation.

Last night on ABC's The Drum, Ali Kadri, spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said his community was stuck with the choice of offending allies or siding with critics, and the result had been silence."Unfortunately, in the current climate, the right and conservative side has attacked Muslims as terrorists and extremists, and naturally the left side has been allies in defending us for a long period of time," he said."We are afraid if we come out with our opinion then the left may abandon us for going against their view and we can't be friendly with the conservatives because they have been bashing us for 15, 20 years every chance they get …

Not all Muslim leaders have shown a reluctance to speak though.

Recently Council of Imams Queensland president Yusuf Peer said gay marriage was unacceptable to Islam, and that Muslims should respect LGBTQI people but "condemn only their actions".

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