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The final straw came one rainy day when he drove to Hull to present his design for a new hand basin and toilet for ideal Standard. Or at least the bits of it they thought they could change.

He’s not particularly tall, is well built and bald(ish), has two-day-old stubble and dresses like dads do on weekends — navy polo shirt, canvas trousers, desert boots.He inherited his craftsman’s skills from his father, Michael.He was a silversmith who later became a lecturer in craft, design and technology at Middlesex Polytechnic.He collects point’n’shoot cars — the kind that are hewn from a single block of aluminum. So he headed to Newcastle Polytechnic to study industrial design.He has a few Bentleys and a natty 1960s Aston Martin DB4 in a silvery blue. His work there — notably a telephone and a hearing aid — was so good it was exhibited at the Design Museum in London.

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