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Then there's the fact the Yahoo deal will force a healthy portion of people to watch the game on the small screen, which many sports fans would consider a fate worse than death.

There's always the option, of course, to stream the game to a larger screen, using an over-the-top device like Google Chromecast or Apple TV, but penetration of these devices is still extremely low compared to the number of televisions overall.

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That's because today Yahoo announced it had landed exclusive rights to broadcast the game, making it the first time a regular-season NFL game will be live-streamed for free to online viewers around the world.

Regular season games have been played in London since 2007, which Goodell says was a turning point for American football's popularity abroad.

But the only way to cultivate a critical mass of fans overseas is to let them watch the game at home.

In the wake of that success, ESPN, which has traditionally been the gatekeeper of live sports access, launched a web-only subscription service that allowed people to watch the Cricket World Cup online without a cable subscription.

Meanwhile, CBS, HBO, and—starting in July—Showtime have launched standalone streaming services that include access to their own sports programming.

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