Funny dating website stories

He keeps talking as if he hasn't said anything off, and I stop him and ask, 'What do you mean by corsets?

' And he says, yeah, he liked antique corsets and his wife would model them for him.

Then he says he's a bit nervous about the whole thing but he's OK with it, he's going to do it. 1 was that he was very friendly in his e- mails but then somewhat distant and weird on the phone -- always like I'd called at a bad time.

"She had just gotten a house to live in that belonged to her grandmother.When I see the rate of divorce and the rate of cheating, perhaps I am better off being unattached than having my heart broken by someone I love and trust." "I am a 50-year-old man, slim, considered good looking and fairly successful. The first woman looked vaguely like her picture, although in the picture she had long blond hair, and when we met her hair was short and had long, dark roots.And the picture was better looking than she was in person, and her personality didn't quite fit the profile.He opened a bottle of wine and then informed me that he had decided it was time for us to have sex!I told him I wasn't ready for that and he proceeded to insult me, telling me that something was wrong with me.

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