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Passionate sex is another antidote to prickly feelings for your high-touch sign.

Like Aries Hugh Hefner, you have a champion libido (and an awesome sense of entitlement).

As tight as two mafiosos, you like to dress up and flaunt your natural superiority over the rest of the animal kingdom. Taurus gets an attractive show pony and a lusty mate to satisfy his Earthy libido.

Aries has a lifelong provider and benefactor to supply creative freedom and endless playtime.

However, don't spiral into neurotic helplessness or analysis paralysis.

Nobody can beat a topic to death quite like you can—but that's what therapists are for, Aries.

You have similar interests, different temperaments. You love to discover new bands, read novels by controversial authors, gorge yourselves at the jewel of a restaurant tucked into an undiscovered neighborhood.

You bond over TV shows and bargain-hunting for treasures (you both have a thrifty streak).

Clever Gemini rules communication: your ideas come fast and furious, and you love to debate.Issues can arise if Taurus grows too possessive or tries to tame independent Aries.Indulgent Taurus will need to remain active to keep pace with the energetic Ram (read: lay off the nightly steak frites and vino).Thus, your initial faceoff is simply a warning shot: Show me your strength so I can trust you.Once the fanfare is over, you make a great team—like British pop royalty Victoria (Aries) and David (Taurus) Beckham.

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