Guatemalan girls dating

Is that hand on your knee a flirtatious come-on, or a culturally distinct approach to personal space?Is splitting the bill a nod to equal gender relations, an unforgivable challenge to your date’s masculinity, or the sign of an incorrigible tight-wad?Once married, girls are expected and often pressured to start a family.Early pregnancy can lead to severe health consequences for young girls.Child marriage is most common among the Mayan indigenous communities who largely reside in rural areas and have poor access to basic services, few educational and economic opportunities, and higher rates of poverty than the non-indigenous population.For instance, only 39% of Mayan women are literate in comparison to 77% to non-indigenous women.

The legal age of marriage in Guatemala is 18 for both women and men, without exceptions.Guatemala has one of the highest child marriage rates in Latin America.The practice primarily happens among poorer, indigenous, rural communities.The Guatemalan bride is a fabulous cook, adept at keeping order at home, and always focused on raising the children well.Guatemalans are conservative in most aspects of their lives but they are certainly not a boring people.

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