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The street is jammed with cars filled with people who have booked tables in the area’s various restaurants. Our car finally manages to speed towards Aurobindo Marg.

A group of four is walking towards the Pind Balluchi restaurant in Deer Park, twittering in American-accented English.

We're not strangers to the fact that even uttering the infamous three letter word in India is a taboo.

The moment you use 'sex' in a sentence, you're judged.

And, as any engineers on Tripoto would already know, a Goa plan includes: (i) Going to Goa, yes. Yes, that is heaven according to most young males; but there is just one issue - that simply does not happen.

Lipstick on, eyeliner applied, a young man was talking to an old, pot-bellied man.

My friend pointed out that a 'deal' was being struck.

When we asked one of the male escorts about his risky life, he said Mujhe nahi yeh logic kabhi samajh nahi aaya.

Homosexuality ko bura kehte hai, illegal bolte hain par humare paas itne customers bhi toh aate hain. Agar demand nahi hota toh hum bhi paise ke liye kuch aur kaam nahi karte?

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