I am dating an extrovert

The other night, my boyfriend and I both took the Myers Briggs Personality Test to “find out more about ourselves” because we’re into that kind of thing.

Even though they insist they don’t mind keeping you company. No, he doesn’t want to stay home on a Saturday night just to chill. In the beginning of your relationship, they thought you weren’t even interested in them.

We get along great, but we’re opposites in many things, especially when it comes to our personality. They always think you hate them, which results in you thinking that they hate you.

So, when Ashley wrote about what it’s like to be an extrovert dating an introvert, I knew I had to write the same thing, from a different perspective.

People began to mutter about me: That Lev Novak would not shut up!

A girl I briefly dated at that time finally reached her limit and snapped that I . I went from parody of a loud person to kind of loud.

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