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The popular parenting blog Scary Mommy tackled the topic on 24 October 2016, also presenting information largely unrelated to the functions of Minecraft: After I dropped my kids off at school, I took a deep breath and googled “minecraft sex mods.” And fuck. I could only bring myself to watch a few of the videos.(OK, just one.) I couldn’t get past the “gangsta” Minecraft dude banging a bikini-clad chick in the back room of a Minecraft whorehouse.The confluence of these circumstances means that if a Minecraft rumor about sexual predators were to spread unchecked, children could be deprived of one of the most enjoyable learning experiences available to them.Neither of the articles referenced above explained what a Minecraft “sex mod” might be, nor how the process of modifying Minecraft works.We asked Oakley whether it was possible for players to encounter Minecraft sex mods without having gone through the lengthy process of specifically installing those mods themselves.Surmising that You Tube videos (not Minecraft content) was responsible for web-wide parental alarm, she responded: No you can’t encounter a sex mod in the game (or any mod) without having installed it.On 21 October 2016 a parenting blog published an editorial penned by a guilt-ridden mother about her purported discovery of “sex mods” for the massively popular Minecraft sandbox video game: Take a minute to Google “Minecraft sex mod.” I’ll wait …

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Iako se uzajamno volite, nekada i u najboljem društvu subotnje popodne može postati veoma dosadno i neispunjeno.

She shared a lot about how she was feeling as a result of this experience that made me want to weep and weep. She felt like it had actually happened to her in real life. She actually wanted me to take away her phone, the portal to this hurt. All I could do was apologize for not protecting her better. I thought I was doing my due diligence in the technology department.

We pay attention to how much time they spend online and limit it as well, even detoxing completely from time to time.

We contacted both Minecraft maker Mojang as well as Bec Oakley, the owner of a popular Minecraft web guide for parents called Mine Mum.

Mojang did not respond to our inquiry, but Oakley was aware of the viral rumors and explained how mods work for Minecraft players: Here’s the deal.

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