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I did get the feeling the profiles on match were all real and were there for serious dating.

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I was particularly impressed with the amount of people taking this online dating thing so seriously with lots of comprehensive local profiles to choose from with pic, interests etc.Now that’s not to say oasis active membership is of a lower standard than match or other sites but with any free service you are going to have to contend with a higher level of scammers.Generally people not paying for a service are not going to take it as serious.If you want to have more success with online dating put less emphasis on people’s looks, spend more time reading peoples profiles and more time on your initial emails to these potential matches.It should go without saying put some character into your own profile (a little humor goes a long way) and of course put up the best photo you can of yourself.

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    The number will usually total up to no more than 2 or 3 mind you.

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    After sifting through hundreds of emails though, one email caught my eye from a guy calling himself Daithi Boyce.