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For some reason, I felt excited to meet the mystery man who had managed to befriend Cathy so quickly."He's so nice." Cathy rambled on as she pushed the heavy door open.In the fourth grade, he starred in his school’s production of Peter Pan.

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Cathy ran into his arms and they hugged each other for a few seconds before she pulled away. "Awesome name." "Thank you." Grinning widely, Cathy started towards the door.

"Gerard," she turned her attention to me, "This is my friend, Liv." "Liv? "I'll just leave you two alone." She said and walked out of the room.

Gerard married Lindsey Ann Ballatto (Lyn-Z from the band Mindless Self Indulgence) on 3 September 2007, and they became parents to a baby girl who they named Bandit Lee Way on the .

He has recovered from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, being sober as of August 2004.

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