Javascript span innerhtml not updating

How do I make this code so it targets the CURRENT span? My jsfiddle does not work, the code works raw in my notepadd . It's difficult to tell what is being asked here.The following code will take the old black text and make it bright white.

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----------- HEEEELP Markus Hi Markus, We do not have your html markup, but according to your explanation (the records are there) and javascript (which uses id selector), we have a suspicion what might be happening.

The id selector finds only the first element with the specified ID, so if you're using a shared markup for several views you would have n number of spans, where n is the number of your views.

Regards, Steve Telerik Dear Steve You made just 100 out of 100 point.

Comming from development where usuall two controls can not have the same ID I never thought about this.

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