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Additional complications are that the slaves' descendants are scattered all over the world including Liberia and Canada.

Moreover, for the American slave descendants, it could be argued that they are prospering much more in this country and have more opportunities than they would have had in their native land.

Today, a number of writers and commentators are calling for reparations in a similar manner for another minority population who were cruelly treated by the state.

These are African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved.

By means of compensation and the acceptance of responsibility, the U. government needs to give serious consideration to some form of monetary reparation.

Reparations and restitution are important aspects of restorative justice.

This form of justice seeks to right the wrongs that have been inflicted upon an individual or population and to help in the healing process. government under President Reagan authorized the awarding of payments of ,000 to each Japanese American who had been held in concentration camps during World War II.

Often the reparations are provided many years after the violations have taken place. Over 100,000 had been removed from their homes and confined in this manner; the economic and psychological toll was tremendous.

In our book, (2012, LSU Press), we gathered testimonials from women of the Great Migration that bear witness to the mistreatment and how they were cheated out of money and land. These women and their families once inhabited a society controlled by terror and the threat of terror. New evidence is being introduced about the intergenerational impact of trauma, its transmission across generations.

The studies are focusing on the structure of the brain following severe stress of parents as passed on to the offspring.

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