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Many components have small quantities of precious metals that can be recovered through a reputable reclamation process.

IMPartners collaborates with well-established reclamation and recycling affiliates to ensure your materials are handled professionally and in an environmentally responsible manner To assist our clients SOX compliance requirements, all transactions are fully auditable and records of each sale are kept for a period of not less than 3 years.

Restaurants and other food related services businesses are probably better inventory control managers than many product companies, retailers and manufacturers.

When their inventory is going bad it smells, they have nowhere to bury it, and they have to get rid of it.

IMPartners personnel have over 65 years of industry experience thus assuring our clients of receiving the right product on-time.

IMPartners service and value proposition is to optimize the value recovered from IOS materials and product by aggressively marketing it globally through our network of Primary (OEM/EMS) and secondary (Independent Distributor) channels.

Our unique channels and relationships enable IMPartners to return the highest possible revenue to our clients We recognize that a key consideration of a client’s decision to partner with IMPartners is their trust and comfort in putting a valuable asset (inventory) in the hands of another organization.

Although the majority of our assets under management are related to electronic components and finished goods, IMPartners has experience supporting a wide range of asset classes and industries including: Market Analysis: At the outset of every Client engagement IMPartners conducts a detailed part by part market value analysis.

We evaluate the following factors when establishing an estimated recovery value and suggested price for products.

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