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There’s also the option to check footage from earlier in the day.Resident Rosemarie Riccioroi and her friend from New Jersey, Norma, who declined to give her last name, had mixed feelings about the cameras.A web developer who specializes in online security has put up a website that streams tens of thousands of home and corporate security cameras live to the web.He says it’s to point out the security flaw so many so-called security devices present to their users.Nikki Atherton and Debra Davis, both from Indiana, were surprised and a bit uneasy to learn they were being filmed while on Deerfield Beach.“It’s good if someone were to snatch up your purse or something while you’re in the water,” said Davis.“But it’s not good if you were, like, laying out here topless.”Most cities said they installed beachcams so people could check the beach conditions before they head out.In Deerfield Beach, surfers use the cameras to check the waves, while in Dania Beach, fishermen use the cameras to check for choppy water.Here’s where the beachcams are: Boca Raton The webcam in Boca Raton shows the pavilion at South Beach Park, the beach and the surf facing north.

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The same web page also gives information about wind speeds, tide charts and the weather report.One is on the beach facing north towards Hillsboro Lighthouse.The second is located at Hillsboro Inlet and shows Hillsboro Park, as well as a closer view of the lighthouse, and the third shows the pier and construction of a new parking garage.The page launched in February and has had over 20,000 views in that time, with an average of 150 hits a day.Check here: Beach The five-year-old webcam gets more than 3,000 views per day.

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