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Then I was ten years old and on vacation in Florida, which is the last place to skate, and I decided to have some fun and I met one of those hardcore, from-the-movies Russian coaches. But I force myself and I feel the ice and that's when it makes sense. I was training on the floor and did a jump and landed on the side of my foot and my entire ankle snapped. But if everything was so easy, I wouldn't be doing it now. Every time I have a bad morning I remind myself that two years ago I was in a cast and I couldn't walk. If you know how to do it and you're confident in what you post, it's always helpful.I fell in love with skating and I have never looked back. I tore every tendon, every ligament, everything that was there. I went from doing death-defying moves to needing help to go to the bathroom. Mostly you have to get onto the national team by competing at your own country's national championship and making the top three. And then you're chosen only two months before the Olympics. You work your entire life, and then you have about six weeks before the actual Olympics that you know you're going. It takes skill—we've learned that from Kim Kardashian. My mom told me when I first started modeling, "Just remember that your husband and your kids will see this and so will all their friends, and you're going to have to deal with that." So I definitely thought about that. But you only live once so you have to be in the moment. I want to have a really successful year at school and decide what I want to do with my major. For everything to come together, that would be a good goal. I was thought I was smart enough without it, but once I went to school I realized you can learn so much.We chatted with Pipko about her many pursuits, what she learned from Kim Kardashian, and why she won't let a nasty injury prevent her from trying to reach the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018. I've been a competitive figure skater for about ten years now.I'm also a writer and I published my first poetry book two years ago. I've been modeling for two years but I just started getting really into it. My mom was walking her dog and met a photographer in the park and the photographer asked if she could borrow the dog for the shoot.But when Liz returns to Tom’s boat later, and he patches up her wounds, Liz admits that she doesn’t want to regret anything — and her biggest regret would be saying no to a future with Tom (who I really should be calling “Jacob” at this point, but it just sounds wrong).Tom, who wanted Liz to run off with him in the first place, has now decided she Cooper’s doctor works for The Cabal…It was a closely-fought campaign that got dirty, but Virginia elected Democrat Ralph Northam to be its next Governor.

) She tells Tom about Andropov, not only that he infected her with the virus, but that he may have the answers about Liz’s mother that she so desperately craves.

After they drive off, Liz holds Andropov as he dies, crying over all the information from her past that will die with the doctor.

Tom and Liz have sex True, watching a virologist die in your arms might not be the most romantic ambiance in the world.

Red tells Liz he is a sin-eater Nope, you’re not watching an episode of , promise.

While Red is chatting with Liz about how she can get out of her current legal pickle, Red tells her that he absorbs others’ sins, blackening his own soul in the process.

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