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National newspapers during that era, however, aided greatly to the Philippine Revolution.

The first English language newspapers came out in 1898, which ushered in the era of modern media.

This was the largest SMS volume in the world, the Philippines accounting for more than 10% of global SMS at one stage and the country’s mobile operators were reported to be generating the highest proportion of non-voice revenues in the world.

In Akamai's 'The State of the Internet' report for Q4 2010, Philippines ranks 82th in the Global High Broadband Connectivity standings with 0.4% of their broadband connections bring more than 5mpbs.

In the Asia Pacific region, Akamai reports that Philippines average measured connection speed for the Q4 2010 is 1.0mbps (Chart 4).

They were followed by successive waves of Austronesia peoples who brought with them influences from Malay, Hindu, and Islamic cultures. The Internet country code for Philippines is ".ph".

Geography To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. The Sulu Sea to the southwest lies between the country and the island of Borneo, and to the south the Celebes Sea separates it from other islands of Indonesia. Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and its tropical climate make the Philippines prone to earthquakes and typhoons but have also endowed the country with natural resources and made it one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world.

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