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In fact, #Gay SA had its 23rd birthday on the 19th of June (2016).Our history within our community is filled with stories of heartache, tough journeys, life-saving supportive heroes when days were dark, coming of age, finding a sense of belonging in a safe place when the world around you wouldn’t understand.Here I am running into issues as every time I invoke the automatic "channel scan" it turns up empty.I am in an urban area not surrounded by any large buildings (downtown New Orleans) so I suspect I am doing something wrong.Consider editing the question or leaving comments for improvement if you believe the question can be reworded to fit within the scope. Over the air (OTA) broadcasts are all digital now, so you will likely want to scan using the Digital tuner option, probably starting with "STD". can help you select the proper type of antenna to get the most channels and provide some information on how it should be aimed.I believe that most antennas will connect into the same connector on the TV that you used for the cable TV cable.

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Stories that remember those we have lost along the way – old friends and new ones – and whose names and memory is preserved and honored within our ever-changing community – past and present.It’s a legacy that shaped lives and reflects what we – whoever we were and whomever are – have lived through and triumphed as a community and individuals.So while we want to honor our past and celebrate our legacy by sharing some of these tales over time, our legacy should live on beyond ourselves and to bring this incredible legacy and community to future lives and journeys, we have to evolve to survive and survive strong.I have a Samsung T260HD TV that in the past I've used only with cable/xbox/computer.I have gotten rid of cable for all the obvious reasons but would still like to get the broadcast channels.

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