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Ian Isherwood is a serial entrepreneur who has a deep passion for all things business.

His strong belief in building relationships lead him to start Kenya’s largest premium dating website –

Bradford said the key to admission lies in how users construct their profiles."You are building a marketing campaign for yourself," she explained.

"Think strategically about the photos that you choose.

"We're not necessarily excluding people, we are keeping the community small to bring people in slowly and gradually to keep the community diverse," she said.

Know your product, research your market in depth and be passionate about what you do. The more people you talk to about your idea, the more doors will open.You never know."The surprisingly diverse crowd at the launch party was comprised of professionals of all fields, from attorneys like Kyra to investment bankers and tech executives to grad students, like 24-year-old Nick Mc Daniel."There's a lot of fakes.You never really know who it is," Mc Daniel said of his experience with other dating apps.We have a lot of websites in Kenya, do you think they are fully optimized? I am happy to say that being an online site, I have not encountered it as much as many of my ‘offline’ business friends. My worst mistake is thinking that no one else can do a better job than I can. I have quickly realized there are SOME things I am amazing at and other that are better handed to more qualified people.Let’s just say we are getting a lot better and it’s exciting to see some of the sites popping up across Kenya. But when I do, I always smile at the person and say I will look at reviewing this with my lawyers. What is the worst mistake you have made as an entrepreneur? I have made a few, in fact, I often make the same ones over and over again. Don’t let your ego or passion to be in control of your product override the quality of the work. Ohh, and don’t forget to always have a mentor to help guide you, this really help when you need to ask for help or keep the pressure on yourself.

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